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I’ve worked with Eric at two agencies, and hire him for writing help because he has good ‘agency skills.’ That means he quickly gets up to speed on a client’s business and their communications plan, and works well with our agency staff and our client. To our clients, he looks like a staff member; to us, he’s someone we can trust to turn around a high-tech writing assignment quickly with a minimum investment of time on our part.”


Why Hire Me?

  • Writing experience. I’ve written for clients in a wide range of industries. I know how to write for business—the content, the word choices, the tone, the messages. The copy I deliver always speaks the language of your business audience.
  • High-tech experience. I’ve specialized in high-tech marcom writing for more than 15 years. I’m already fairly far up the learning curve no matter what high-tech product or service you need me to help promote.
  • No pride of authorship. By that I mean I accept feedback graciously and am focused on ending up with the best possible deliverable. I collaborate as much or as little as you want to get the result you’re looking for.
  • No missed deadlines. I see them all as drop-dead deadlines and simply do not deliver copy late.
  • Responsive. I answer the phone, reply right away to emails, say yes to meeting tight deadlines, turn around revised drafts quickly, and drop everything to do a rush project whenever it’s possible, and it most often is.
  • Creative. I play the role of creative collaborator for many of my clients. If you need a creative theme for a campaign or an individual assignment, I can supply ideas you’ll like—either on my own or working with you and your staff. And the ideas I propose are ones that will work for a business audience.
  • Predictable and affordable fees. We agree on a project fee upfront that fits your budget and that’s what I bill at the end. I’m more affordable than writers at big agencies because I don’t have the overhead to cover, and deliver better results faster than you’d get by using a junior writer on your staff.

If you’re still wondering if you should hire me, just give me a call.